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27 november 2020

Knowledge and innovation agenda to stay ahead of the enemy

Defense must stay ahead of (potential) opponents. Knowledge building, technology development and innovations are essential in this. The Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Agenda (SKIA) 2021-2025 published today provides the armed forces with direction towards this innovation.

With the SKIA, the Ministry of Defense also offers its knowledge and innovation partners insight into the knowledge and innovation questions of the armed forces. Cooperation is essential to be able to provide the armed forces with modern resources and services in the future.

Trustworthy partner
Minister Ank Bijleveld-Schouten: “The Defense Vision 2035 expressly reflects on the radical geopolitical changes and their significance for the Dutch armed forces and defense organization. These developments require a high-tech and information-driven armed forces that are a reliable partner in national and international partnerships. Knowledge building, technology development and innovation are indispensable to stay one step ahead of our (potential) opponents and to realize the perspective of the armed forces of 2035. ”

The SKIA comprises 4 spearheads:

  • The further development towards an information-driven and technologically advanced armed forces requires more research into new technologies, such as quantum, artificial intelligence, robotics and bio and nanotechnologies, and into vital technologies, such as sensor systems and intelligence gathering systems. With this we also lay a solid foundation for IGO. Automation, digitization and robotization contribute to labor-extensive solutions. With the Defense Energy Transition Plan as a starting point, the Ministry of Defense wants to work with our knowledge and innovation partners to develop innovative solutions for sustainability.
  • Defense wants to safeguard innovation in the work environment, culture and operational management. Innovation is only successful if people and organizations make optimal use of new technological possibilities. Short-cycle innovation receives specific attention. This in collaboration with SMEs, start-ups and defense companies.
  • Defense wants to strengthen cooperation with knowledge and innovation partners. That is essential for the renewal of the armed forces. An additional consideration is the increased importance of protecting Dutch knowledge and technology.
  • Defense will strengthen cooperation in its own knowledge and innovation chain. That is why Defense will set up a defense-wide Knowledge and Innovation Council in 2021. There will also be a Knowledge and Innovation Advisory Council.

Link to the Strategic Knowledge and Innovation Agenda can be found here:–en-innovatieagenda-2021-2025