National Congress INNOvember concluded with NAnovember - Future Force

30 november 2020

National Congress INNOvember concluded with NAnovember

The digital National Congress INNOvember closed on Friday. Last month, more than 100 sessions were held in the field of technology and innovation. But it is certainly not supposed to end with this.

During the NAnovember closing in the Fokker Terminal, the next step was considered. This was done through interactive discussions with 6 secretaries-general and the Director of Operations and Evaluation of Defense, Major General Rietdijk.

They discussed, among other things, how the innovative capacity within the government can be strengthened and how cooperation with each other and the outside world can take place. This should lead to a roadmap for the future.

Tech Against
Corona TechTegenCorona was also launched during the closing conference. This is a partnership between 300 tech companies, 2,000 tech experts and the Ministries of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, Defense and Legal Protection. The aim is, among other things, to help healthcare with this.

The work done during INNOvember will be continued by the National Innovation Community (RIC). The RIC remains committed to innovation, for example by connecting initiatives and sharing knowledge