About the Future Force Program - Future Force

About the Future Force Program

A safe society is a combined effort of civilian and military initiatives.
The Future Force Program is created to support, encourage and strengthen military-civilian collaborations. 

Talented external partners unite with passionate Defense employees in Future Force Networks. Together, they work on the Armed Forces of tomorrow as envisaged in the Defense Vision 2035. The aim is to work closely together with civilian organizations to complete core tasks today, in the future, and eventually move from partnerships to ecosystems. After all, the Armed Forces are inextricably linked to Dutch society and need its civil partners to be able to carry out its core tasks in the future.

The Future Force Program is focusing on the following themes: the Future of Work and the Future of Data-Driven Operations.

During the first phase of the Future Force Program, the military-civilian networks give substance to these themes through interactive workshops in the form of so-called War Games. The outcomes will be presented during the Future Force Conference (October 2021).