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Are you new to the Future Force Program and are you curious to find out what collaboration between other civilian organisations and the Ministry of Defense look like? Below, you will find the latest news and developments on Future Force related topics and news about existing/ newly-developed civilian-military partnerships.
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Pico Monitor winner Defense Innovation Competition 2020

The Pico Monitor of Embedded Acoustics was chosen yesterday as the winner of the Defense Innovation Competition 2020. The company from Delft received a contract worth € 200,000 at the presentation to further develop the idea. This is done in collaboration with the Defense Healthcare Organization.

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Defense Summit reflects on Entrepreneur Day

State Secretary Visser cannot personally visit T-Minus Engineering due to her quarantine. She speaks to the employees from behind the computer. Secretary of State for Defense Barbara Visser and Deputy Commander of the Armed Forces Lieutenant General Onno Eichelsheim paid personal attention to Entrepreneur Day. Visser went virtually to T-Minus Eningeering, while Eichelsheim visited Hospitainer. Defense works together with both companies.

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Hackathon provides Defense with innovative insights

Why do the current early warning systems lead so little to early action? To answer that question, 5 international hacker teams ventured into the Odyssey hackathon, from 12 to 16 November. They did this online, simultaneously with 100 other teams, and supported by 500 stakeholders and experts.

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Europe must also be able to fight back digitally

“Information as a weapon, that’s the new battlefield. Anyone who can quickly filter, process, analyze and pass on information to the people in the field wins the battle. ” Minister Ank Bijleveld-Schouten spoke virtually today at the cyber operations conference in Munich.

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