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Network: Future of Data-Driven Operations

Future of Data-Driven Operations Extensive digitization, new uses, applications of sensors and the use of networks provide the ability to respond quickly and adequately to changes in the military environment. This considerably increases the effectiveness of military operations. The degree and speed to which the military organization is able to develop situational awareness and insight into cause-effect chains (situational understanding) and to subsequently translate this into activities (actionable intelligence) have become decisive for success.

Defense is working towards an information-driven armed forces that can withstand high-tech adversaries and “hybrid” threats. Information dominance, the cyber domain and the relationship between man and machine are becoming increasingly important. Most current applications are at the beginning of the so-called “Observe-Orient-Decide-Act (OODA)” – run and can ensure improved information provision, situational awareness and situational understanding.

In the coming years, with the rapid development of techniques, the applications will increasingly have a direct or indirect influence on the decision-making aspects in the operational and operational processes at Defense. Collecting data, analyzing it and making the information available is a time-consuming job. Can this be carried out faster, more precisely and above all more reliably within the current state of the art? What role can Big Data, Artificial Intelligence and Play data science in this? Which sensors are needed to collect the data and how can data be shared?

Network: Future of Work

Implementing the strategy of the future is complex and has direct consequences for the “Future of Work”. Tomorrow’s Armed Forces is qualitatively smarter, quantitatively more robust, scalable faster and more flexible than possible opponents. It must also be able to respond better to unpredictable crises that challenge our society. We enter the workshops with questions such as: ‘when will military roles be crucial in the future?’, ‘What can be done by civilians when? ‘how does the soldier of the future want to be himself?’ There is also room for themes such as “human enhancement” and “dual employment practices”.

During network sessions with civilian partners we try to find creative solutions to questions on human enhancements and dual employment practices.

Use your expertise for the Future Force Program! As an expert in your field, you have been invited to become part of the Future Force Network and contribute to the program. The network is intended for people who endorse the goal of the Defense organization and who want to actively support it based on their expertise. As a partner of the Ministry of Defense, you are asked to make a substantive contribution without expectations with regard to tendering processes in the future.

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